Il Nuovo Cimento A (1971-1996)

, Volume 105, Issue 4, pp 527–534 | Cite as

Analysis of the cross-sections of protons emitted at backward angles from4He-induced reactions at (11.2÷27.5) MeV/A

  • B. C. Botchev
  • Chr V. Christov
  • T. Kutsarova


Summed exclusive proton cross-sections at angles of 45° and 135° are obtained for the159Tb (4He, pxnγ) reactions atE(4He)=45, 75 and 110 MeV and for the209Bi (4He, pxnγ) reactions atE(4He)=45, 75 MeV from particle—γ-ray coincidence experiments. The experimental data are analyzed in the framework of the complete fusion—statistical decay model. It is shown that the summed exclusive proton spectra at backward angle of ϑ=135° with respect to the beam direction and particularly their high-energy parts cannot be explained by the model considered. A conclusion is drawn that an additional reaction mechanism intermediate with respect to both compound and direct ones should be invoked.


22.55 -3H-,3He-, and4He-induced reactions and scattering 


25.55.Fm - Few-nucleon transfer reactions 


25.70.Gh - Compound nucleus properties and decays 


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Copyright information

© Società Italiana di Fisica 1992

Authors and Affiliations

  • B. C. Botchev
    • 1
  • Chr V. Christov
    • 1
  • T. Kutsarova
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear EnergySofiaBulgaria

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