Il Nuovo Cimento A (1965-1970)

, Volume 105, Issue 1, pp 99–104 | Cite as

Measurement of charge of projectile fragments. Search for fractionally charged projectile fragments

  • D. Ghosh
  • J. Roy
  • P. Ghosh
  • N. Ghosh
  • M. Basu


Measurement of charges (1⩽Z⩽3) of the projectile fragments in relativistic heavy-ion collisions (16O-emulsion at 2.1A GeV/c per nucleon) was carried out by the measurement of lacunarity (L) of the track structure in nuclear emulsion track detector. The lacunarity values obtained for eight tracks cannot be explained if one assumes that they are integrally charged.


25.70 - Heavy-ion-induced reactions and scattering 


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© Società Italiana di Fisica 1992

Authors and Affiliations

  • D. Ghosh
    • 1
  • J. Roy
    • 1
  • P. Ghosh
    • 1
  • N. Ghosh
    • 1
  • M. Basu
    • 2
  1. 1.High Energy Physics Division, Department of PhysicsJadavpur UniversityCalcuttaIndia
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsBangabasi CollegeCalcuttaIndia

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