Il Nuovo Cimento B (1971-1996)

, Volume 109, Issue 5, pp 443–457 | Cite as

Quantum mechanics of two coupled oscillators

  • M. Sebawe Abdalla


From the point of view of quantum mechanics, the problem of two coupled oscillators with two different coupling parameters is considered. By using the accurate definition of Dirac operators the wave function in both coherent state and number state (Schrödinger picture) are obtained. The Green's function and the expectation value of the energy are calculated; the transition amplitude between the coherent states when the coupling parameters are different and equal, as well as the eigenstates, are given. The constants of the motion for such a system have been also considered.

PACS 03.65.Ge

Solutions of wave equations: bound states 

PACS 42.50

Quantum optics 


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Copyright information

© Società Italiana di Fisica 1994

Authors and Affiliations

  • M. Sebawe Abdalla
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, College of ScienceKing Saud UniversityRiyadhSaudi Arabia

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