Practical Failure Analysis

, Volume 2, Issue 6, pp 91–92 | Cite as

Room temperature oxidation of eraser head leads

  • B. Vamsi Krishna
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Tin coated brass lead wires for eraser heads oxidized during room temperature storage. The oxidized wires were difficult to solder because the wire surface was no longer readily wet by molten solder. Analysis of oxidized and nonoxidized eraser head leads demonstrated that the tendency for unacceptable oxidation was due to porosity in the tin coating, sulfur contamination, and selective oxidization of zinc from the brass wire. Increasing the thickness of the tin coating eliminated the unacceptable oxidation.


coating thickness diffusion failure analysis oxidation soldering 

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  • B. Vamsi Krishna
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  1. 1.Materials Science & Technology Division, Thapar Centre for Industrial Research and DevelopmentThapar Technology CampusPatialaIndia

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