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Radioquimioterapia de la enfermedad limitada del carcinoma pulmonar de célula pequeña. ¿Tratamiento concomitante en protocolos asistenciales?

  • Ana Lucas Calduch
  • María Dolores Arnaiz Fernández
  • Sol San José Maderuelo
  • Valentí Navarro Pérez
  • Gala Serrano Bermúdez
  • Ana Montes Borinaga
  • Felipe Cardenal Alemany
  • Branislav Jeremic
  • Ferran Guedea Edo
Original Articles

Combined radiochemotherapy in localised small-cell lung cancer. Concurrent treatment protocols?



We retrospectively reviewed our institution’s database to investigate the outcome and impact of combined radiochemotherapy (RT/CT; concomitant or in sequence) in localised small-cell lung cancer (L-SCLC).

Material and methods

Between January 1995 to November 1999, 79 patients with L-SCLC received combined RT/CT at our Institution. RT was delivered concurrently or sequentially following the CT. Patients with treatment response received additional prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI).


Of the patients treated, 54% had received concurrent CT/RT compared to 46% receiving RT following the CT. PCI was administered to 80% of the patients. Complete response was observed in 66% of patients. With a median follow up of 30 months, median overall survival was 15.9 months; 14.3 months for patients who received RT following CT and 21.6 months for those receiving concurrent CT/RT. The type of schedule of combined radiochemotherapy was an independent prognostic factor for survival free of local recurrence, as was additional PCI for distant metastasis-free survival.


Our results are similar to those reported previously in the literature. The main point of interest is that our patients were non-selected. We strongly support the use of concurrent CT/RT so as to achieve results comparable to the best in the literature.

Key words

lung cancer small cell localised disease radiotherapy chemotherapy 


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  • Ana Lucas Calduch
    • 3
  • María Dolores Arnaiz Fernández
    • 3
  • Sol San José Maderuelo
    • 3
  • Valentí Navarro Pérez
    • 3
  • Gala Serrano Bermúdez
    • 3
  • Ana Montes Borinaga
    • 1
  • Felipe Cardenal Alemany
    • 1
  • Branislav Jeremic
    • 2
  • Ferran Guedea Edo
    • 3
  1. 1.Servicio de Oncología MédicaInstitut Català d'OncologíaBarcelonaEspaña
  2. 2.Servicio de Oncología Radioterápica. Klinikum rechts der IsarTechnical UniversityMunichAlemania
  3. 3.Servicio de Oncología RadioterápicaInstitut Català d'OncologiaL'Hospitalet. Barcelona

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