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Cosmological models in general relativity

  • B. B. Paul


LRS Bianchi type-I space-time filled with perfect fluid is considered here with deceleration parameter as variable. The metric potentialsA andB are functions of x as well as t. Assuming B′/B = f (x), where prime denotes differentiation with respect to x, it was found thatA = (l′/l)B andB = lS(t), wherel = f (x) andS is the scale factor which is a function of t only. The value of Hubble’s constantH 0 was found to be less than half for non-flat model and is equal to 1.3 for a flat model


Cosmology LRS Bianchi type-I Hubble’s constant 


98.80.K 98.80.Bp 98.80.Es 98.80.Hw 


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