Stable and metastable phase equilibria of the In-Se system


The In-Se phase diagram was redetermined using DTA, x-ray analysis, optical microscopy, TEM, and scanning electron microscopy. In9Se11 and In5Se7 are stable phases at stoichiometric composition and βIn2Se3 was observed at 59.6 at % Se. ΒIn2Se3 decomposes at 198 °C into γIn2Se3 and In5Se7. Alloy melts between 33 and 54 at.% Se exhibit a strong tendency for undercooling. Between 50 and 60 at. % Se, the InSe, In6Se7, or In2Se3 phases solidify directly from the undercooled melt, and the formation of In5Se7 and In9Se11 is suppressed while applying cooling rates between 2 to 10 K/min. The respective undercooled states and metastable phase equilibria are provided.

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  • Phase Equilibrium
  • Liquid Alloy
  • Monotectic Reaction
  • Assess Phase Diagram
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