Study of the parameters and methods of load flow stabilization for short-cut continuous mining machines (potash deposits)


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    In continuous chamber mining, the structural dominant of the random function of the cumulative flow in frequency terms is described by a two-component system formed as a combination of a relatively slowly varying curve and a high-frequency component; they are generated by cyclic property of chamber working and delivery cycles, respectively.

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    The high-frequency component of the load can be eliminated by under-chamber ore closing, minimizing losses; stabilization of the flow in low-frequency component can be achieved by general mine hoppers (storage areas). The hopper capacities are determined from the control characteristic as a function of the average incoming load flow and under-hopper conveyer (feeder) reserve. The type and the parameters of stabilizing members planned for specific mining conditions should be determined by cost and engineering analysis.

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All-Union Metallurgy Institute, Leningrad. Translated from Fiziko-Tekhnicheskie Problemy Razrabotki Poleznykh Iskopaemykh, No. 2, pp. 78–85, March–April, 1989.

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