Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

, Volume 9, Issue 7, pp 693–700 | Cite as

The application of generalized variational principle in finite element-semianalytical method

  • Tan Bang-ben


The method developed in this paper is inspired by the viewpoint in ref. [1] that sufficient attention has not been paid to the value of the generalized variational principle in dealing with the boundary conditions in the finite element method. This method applies the generalized variational principle and chooses the series constituted by spline function multiplied by sinusoidal function and added by polynomial as the approximate deflection of plates and shells. By taking the deflection problem of thin plate, it shows that this method can solve the coupling problem in the finite element-semianalytical method. Compared with the finite element method and finite stripe method, this method has much fewer unknown variables and higher precision. Hence, it proposes an effective way to solve this kind of engineering problems by minicomputer.


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  • Tan Bang-ben
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  1. 1.Human UniversityChangsha

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