Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

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An exact analysis for free vibration of a composite shell structure-hermetic capsule

  • Shang Xin-chun


An exact analytical solution was presented for free vibration of composite shell structure-hermetic capsule. The basic equations on axisymmetric vibration were based on the Love classical thin shell theory and derived for shells of revolution with arbitrary meridian shape. The conditions of the junction between the spherical and the cylindrical shell segments are given by the continuity of deformation and the equilibrium relations near the junction point. The mathematical model of problem is reduced to as an eigenvalue problem for a system of ordinary differential equations in two separate domains corresponding to the spherical and the cylindrical shell segments. By using Legendre and trigonometric functions, exact and explicitly analytical solutions of the mode functions were constructed and the exact frequency equation were obtained. The implementation of Maple programme indicates that all calculations are simple and efficient in both the exact symbolic calculation and the numerical results of natural frequencies compare with the results using finite element methods and other numerical methods. As a benchmark, the exactly analytical solutions presented in this paper is valuable to examine the accuracy of various approximate methods.

Key words

composite shells hermetic capsule free vibration exact solution 

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Shang Xin-chun
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and MechanicsBeijing University of Science and TechnologyBeijingP R China

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