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The effect of storage conditions on subsequent field performance of potato seed tubers in Tunisia


Seed tubers of four cultivars were grown under similar conditions and harvested simulataneously. They were stored in traditional dark storage, diffused-light storage, or cold storage, and with combinations of these three methods for 150 or 230 days beginning in the hot, dry summer period. The effect of storage conditions on emergence, stem and tuber number, tuber size distribution and yield is discussed.

Results suggest an optimal combination of storage method, cultivar choice, and sprout management practices may be achieved to obviate the need for cold storage in warm climates. Emergence and yield were consistently good for the 150-day storage period when traditional storage was followed by diffused-light storage. The sam technology gave promising results for the 230-day period with cultivars Claustar or Désirée when seed was desprouted prior to planting.

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