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Research on the aflatoxin problem in groundnut at ICRISAT


Aflatoxin contamination of groundnut is a serious problem in most groundnut producing countries and as such is given high research priority by the Groundnut Improvement Program of ICRISAT. Since 1979 we have concentrated on selecting cultivars resistant to seed invasion and colonization by toxigenicAspergillus flavus, and/or to aflatoxin production following invasion by the fungus. Resistance to invasion and colonization byA. flavus of rehydrated, mature seed has been found, and confirmed, in some cultivars. We have also screened several groundnut cultivars for seed resistance in the field, both under natural conditions and with the inoculum of the fungus added to the soil in the pod zone. Some cultivars with resistance to seed colonization also showed resistance to seed invasion byA. flavus. None of the cultivars tested has shown complete resistance to aflatoxin production but significant cultivar differences occurred in the amounts of aflatoxin produced in seeds inoculated with a toxigenic strain ofA. flavus.

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