Sources of resistance to ascochyta blight in wild Cicer species


Ascochyta blight [Ascochyta rabiei (Pass.) Lab.] is the major foliar disease of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). In search of better sources of resistance to ascochyta blight, 201 accessions of 8 annual wildCicer species were evaluated in field and greenhouse for 3 years (1988 to 1991) at Tel Hadya, Syria. One accession each ofC. judaicum Boiss (ILWC 165) andC. pinnatifidum Jaub. & Spach. (ILWC 159) were consistently rated resistant in both field and greenhouse evaluations. Another three accessions ofC. judaicum (ILWC 61, ILWC 154, ILWC 199) and six accessions ofC. pinnatifidum (ILWC 78, ILWC 88, ILWC 155, ILWC 160, ILWC 162, ILWC 203) were resistant or moderately resistant. The blight-resistant accessions ofC. judaicum originated from Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey; and those ofC. pinnatifidum from Syria and Turkey. None of the accessions ofC. bijugum, C. chorassanicum, C. cuneatum, C. echinospermum, C. reticulatum andC. yamashitae were resistant to blight.

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