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Delivery of hormones: some new concepts

  • W. A. J. J. Hermens
Drugs in the Pipeline


Some new concepts in the delivery of hormones are described. Transmucosal or transdermal penetration of hormones can be facilitated, often by the use of absorption enhancers. Studies of nasal insulin delivery are described. Recently developed iontophoretic delivery devices can be useful for pulsatile transdermal administration of peptide hormones. A self-regulating delivery system releasing insulin in response to glucose levels is described. A vaginal ring relasing ethinylestradiol and 3-ketodesogestrel is a new concept in long-acting contraception. A nasal estradiol formulation, containing the absorption enhancer dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin, is an interesting alternative to oral and transdermal delivery of female sex hormones.


Contraceptive steroids Hormone delivery systems Insulin Oestrogen 


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  • W. A. J. J. Hermens
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  1. 1.Streekziekenhuis Het Nieuwe SpittaalGZ Zutphenthe Netherlands

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