Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 279–292 | Cite as

Über das Verhältnis der Theorie der Elementarlänge zur Quantentheorie

  • P. Jordan


This is a Discussion of the idea that a generalisation of quantum mechanics (seeming to be necessary) might require a) a new concept about possibilities of microphysical measurement; b) new mathematical structures as tools of theoretical description. Perhaps, a) could have the form that in the general case of the new theory the measurement of an observableu can be performed only so far as to measure in a statistical ensemble the mean value\(\bar u\) and the mean quadratic deviation (\(\overline {(\Delta u)^2 } = \overline {u^2 } - \bar u^2 \). Perhaps, b) could be fulfilled by a new class of non-associative, commutative algebras defined in this article. Certainly the following is only a first attempt, putting forward more questions than answers.


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