Communications in Mathematical Physics

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Boundary values of analytic functions

  • Florin Constantinescu


It is known that a complex — valued continuous functionS(x) as well as a Schwartz distribution on the real axis can be extended in the complex plane minus the support ofS to an analytic functionŜ(z). In the case of a continuous function the jump ofŜ(z) on the real axis represents exactlyS(x):
$$\mathop {\lim }\limits_{\varepsilon \to 0 + } [\hat S(x + i\varepsilon ) - \hat S(x - i\varepsilon )] = S(x)$$
. We call regular a pointx on the support ofS such that\(\mathop {\lim }\limits_{\varepsilon \to 0 + } [\hat S(x + i\varepsilon ) - \hat S(x - i\varepsilon )]\) exists. Conditions are found for the existence of regular points on the support of a distribution. It is possible to call this limit (if this exists) the valueS(x) of the distributionS in the pointx. Properties of this type occur in the theory of dispersion relations.


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  • Florin Constantinescu
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  1. 1.Department of Theoretical PhysicsUniversity of ClujRomania

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