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Ein P-adisches Integral und seine Anwendungen I

  • Arnt Volkenborn


Integration of p-adic-valued functions has first been considered by F. Tomás[12] and F. Bruhat [2]. Their p-adic integral being translation-invariant is far too restrictive for analytic and number-theoretical purposes. In this paper we define an integral for certain functions on a class of topological groups with values in complete topological fields. In particular we obtain a generalized integral on the rational p-adic field\(/ p\) with values in an algebraically closed and complete extension of\(/ p\), which makes all locally-analytic functions (e.g. all Laurent-series) integrable. Applications to generalized Bernoulli-numbers and special p-adic functions will be given in the next part of this note.


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  • Arnt Volkenborn
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  1. 1.Abt. KölnSeminar für Didaktik der Mathematik der PH RheinlandKöln 41

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