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Identification of a specific protein in the mitochondrial fraction of the rat heart whose phosphorylation is inhibited by taurine

  • J. B. Lombardini
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It was previously reported that the mitochondrial fraction of the rat heart contained a specific protein with a molecular weight of approximately ∼44kDa whose phosphorylation was inhibited by taurine (Lombardini,1994a). Isolation of the ∼44kDa phosphoprotein on a 1-dimensional polyacrylamide gel using traditional glycine buffers followed by re-electrophoresing the cut out proportion of the gel which corresponds to the ∼44kDa protein on a tricine-buffered gel resulted in sufficient pure protein for sequence analysis. The results indicate that the ∼44kDa phosphoprotein is pyruvate dehydrogenase.


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  • J. B. Lombardini
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  1. 1.Departments of Pharmacology and Ophthalmology and Visual SciencesTexas Tech University Health Sciences CenterLubbockUSA

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