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Automorphiesummanden und Cousin-I-Probleme auf Faserräumen

  • Konrad Königsberger


This article deals with the classification of summands of automorphy on locally trivial fibre spaces E(X, Y), the base space X having the property H1 (X,O)=0 and the fibre Y being a compact Kähler manifold. Further we assume that the structure group is connected and that the transgression H1(Y)→H2(X) vanishes. Then every summand of automorphy on E is equivalent to a homomorphism on B1(E) with values in the ring of holomorphic functions on X (theorem I). As a corollary we prove a theorem on the solvability of Cousin-I-Problems on E by additive functions (theorem II).


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  • Konrad Königsberger
    • 1
  1. 1.Mathematisches Institut der Universität München8-München 2

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