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The elements of K2(ℤs)

  • Jürgen Hurrelbrink


Let S={p1,...,ps} be a set of rational primes,\(\mathbb{Z}_S : = \mathbb{Z}[\frac{1}{{P_1 }},...,\frac{1}{{P_5 }}]\). One has K2(ℤs)≅K2(ℤsu{2} and we want to assume 2 ∈ S. It is snown that every element of K2(ℤS) is a Dehnis-Stein-symbol <a,b>, 1+ab being a unit of ℤS.

Here b ∈ ℤ can be determined concretely, depending only on S, and we obtain a normal form of the elements of K2(Q) as Steinberg-symbols, which is unique in some way and expresses the quadratic reciprocity law.


Normal Form Number Theory Algebraic Geometry Topological Group Quadratic Reciprocity 
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