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Geometry of the motion of robot manipulators

  • Adolf Karger


A p-parametric robot is a mapping g of Rp into the homogeneous space P=C6×C6/Diag(C6×C6) given by the formula g(u1,...,up=exp u1X1..... exp upXp, where C6, is the Lie group of all congruences of E3 and X1,..., Xp are fixed vectors from the Lie algebra of C6. We characterize the set g(Rp) locally by a system of PDE and give some geometrical properties of g as a p-dimensional motion for p<6. We also characterize the Frenet frame of g and show how to construct it for the robot manipulator given by its axes X1,...,Xp.


Number Theory Geometrical Property Algebraic Geometry Homogeneous Space Topological Group 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Adolf Karger
    • 1
  1. 1.Matematicko-fyzikální fakultaUniversita KarlovaPraha 8Czechoslovakia

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