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Metrische Zusammenhänge und Torsion bei einfachen p-Vektoren

  • Imme Haubitz


In the foundations of differential geometry for simple p-vectors, that is for the bundle of the p(n−p)+1 dimensional Grassmann cone over an n-dimensional manifold, as shown in [8] the (nonlinear) connection can be split into a linear combination of elements consisting of p−1 vectors and one connection component λ ρh i .

In the present paper these components are transformed into metric ones, and the representative element of the covariant components is improved. The p- and (n−p)-torsion elements are defined, and these are then shown to admit to a splitting theorem for the respective torsion tensors. Finally a decomposition of the connection components is given such that the minimal condition for the complementary space GKn-p, associated to GKn−p, does not contain the volume function.


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  • Imme Haubitz
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  1. 1.Rechenzentrum der universitätWürzburg

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