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Operatoren H1→X

  • Wolfgang Hensgen


Let X be a complex Banach space and H1 the usual Hardy space. Various properties of operators L1/H 0 1 →X and, mainly, H1→X are considered, e.g. being weakly compact, Riesz representable, Dunford-Pettis. Connections with RNP resp. aRNP and with the validity of the equation\(H^1 \widehat \otimes X \cong \mathbb{H}^1 \left( X \right)\) are also studied, the latter space being an X-valued Hardy space. Whereas results for operators L1/H 0 1 →X closely resemble well-known theorems about operators L1→ X, this is not the case for operators H1→X. E.g., for “most” classical Banach spaces X it isnot true that\(H^1 \widehat \otimes X \cong \mathbb{H}^1 \left( X \right)\) (canonically).


Banach Space Number Theory Algebraic Geometry Hardy Space Topological Group 
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  • Wolfgang Hensgen
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  1. 1.NWF I-MathematikUniversität RegensburgRegensburg

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