Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 294–307 | Cite as

Asymmetric reduction of aromatic and hetero cyclic ketones by hydrosilylation and hydrogen transfer in the presence of optically active rhodium catalysts

  • I. Iovel'
  • K. Rubina
  • Yu. Popelis
  • A. Gaukhman
  • É. Lukevits


A study has been made of enantioselective hydrosilylation and reduction, by hydrogen transfer, of prochiral alkyl phenyl ketones or alkyl hetaryl ketones over various optically active catalysts. A total of 14 aromatic and heterocyclic carbinols were synthesized with preparative yields of 54–100%. The most effective catalytic systems were found to be complexes of RhCl3 and [Rh(cod)Cl]2 with the known optical inductor (S,S)-i-Pr-Pybox, with which we have obtained for the first time a series of heterocyclic secondary alcohols with an enantioselectivity of 20–63%.


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  • I. Iovel'
  • K. Rubina
  • Yu. Popelis
  • A. Gaukhman
  • É. Lukevits

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