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Zur Struktur der vierdimensionalen quadratischen Algebren

  • Lisa Hefendehl-Hebeker


Assuming properties, which are essential for division algebras, but mostly invariant to extensions of the ground field, we investigate the structure of quadratic division algebras of dimension four over an arbitrary field of characteristic not two. We relate the size of the group of automorphisms of such an algebra A to algebraic laws valid in A, characterize Lie-admissibility by means of the skew-commutative vector algebra of A and outline the possibilities of describing A by irreducible identities of degree 3. Some results of the last chapter apply to arbitrary dimensions. We show, that a simple quadratic algebra with the right (left) inverse property for invertible elements is a composition algebra. Finally we conclude, that a quadratic division algebra of dimension four with a right (left) nucleus different from the center is associative.


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  • Lisa Hefendehl-Hebeker
    • 1
  1. 1.Fachbereich 11/MathematikUniversität-Gesamthochschule-DuisburgDuisburg 1

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