Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 32, Issue 9, pp 1078–1083 | Cite as

Alkyl derivatives of 1-aryldihydro-4(IH,3H)-pyrimidinone-2-thiones and their structure

  • V. Yu. Mitskyavichyus
  • I. Ch. Bilinskaite


The alkylation of 1-aryldihydro-4(IH,3H)-pyrimidinone-2-thiones goes through both at the thiol group and at the amide nitrogen atom of the heterocycle. Enlargement of the alkyl radical favors an increase in the portion of the N-alkyl derivative in the mixture. The influence of the folding of the heterocycle on its barrier to rotation around the Ph-N1 bond was shown.


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  • V. Yu. Mitskyavichyus
  • I. Ch. Bilinskaite

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