Comparison between laparoscopically and ultrasonographically guided transvaginal follicular aspiration methods in an in vitro fertilization program in the same patients using the same stimulation protocol

  • Jill T. Flood
  • Suheil J. Muasher
  • Simonetta Simonetti
  • David Kreiner
  • Anibal A. Acosta
  • Zev Rosenwaks
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Oocyte recovery from 43 patients undergoing ultrasound-guided transvaginal oocyte retrieval was compared to a previous laparoscopic oocyte retrieval cycle from the same patient. Gonadotropin stimulation in both cycles was performed using the same protocol. There were no statistically significant differences in the mean day of oocyte retrieval or the mean daily estradiol level up to the day of oocyte retrieval between laparoscopic and transvaginal cycles. The total number of follicles aspirated per cycle, preovulatory oocytes aspirated per cycle, and number of concepti of preovulatory origin transferred per cycle were not statistically different. The number of immatue oocytes aspirated per cycle was statistically decreased in transvaginal retrieval cycles, which resulted in an increased total number of concepti transferred per transfer in laparascopic retrieval cycles. Twelve pregnancies resulted from the transvaginal retrieval cycles (27.9%), seven of which are ongoing or delivered. Ultrasound-guided transvaginal follicular aspiration yields results comparable to laparascopic retrieval in the same patients and should be the method of choice for oocyte pickup because of its many advantages.


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  • Suheil J. Muasher
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  • Simonetta Simonetti
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  • David Kreiner
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  • Anibal A. Acosta
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  • Zev Rosenwaks
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