Amino Acids

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Glutathione and its associated enzymes in peripheral blood cells in different stages of chronic renal insufficiency

  • J. Mimic-Oka
  • T. Simic
  • Lj. Djukanovic
  • J. Stefanovski
  • Z. Ramic


Reduced glutathione (GSH) levels and glutathione reductase (GR) and glutathione S-transferase (GST) activities were investigated in the erythrocytes and lymphocytes of non-dialyzed patients with varying degrees of chronic renal insufficiency, and also of patients on regular hemodialysis treatment. GSH, GR and GST levels were higher in erythrocytes and lymphocytes of examined patients as compared to their corresponding age-matched healthy controls. A correlation was found between the degree of renal insufficiency and the above parameters tested. A routine hemodialysis did not significantly affect erythrocyte and lymphocyte GSH content and activities of its associated enzymes. The increased GSH levels as well as GSH-linked enzyme activities of blood cells in uremia may be a protective mechanism for the cells due to the accumulation of toxic, oxidizing, wastes in the blood as a result of the uremic state. This view is supported by the results ofin vitro experiments, which have shown that GR and GST activities of normal human lymphocytes are increased when incubated with plasma from uremic patients.


Amino acids Glutathione Glutathione reductase Glutathione S-transferase Chronic renal insufficiency 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • J. Mimic-Oka
    • 1
  • T. Simic
    • 1
  • Lj. Djukanovic
    • 3
  • J. Stefanovski
    • 1
  • Z. Ramic
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute of BiochemistrySchool of MedicineBeogradYugoslavia
  2. 2.Institute of ImmunologySchool of MedicineBeogradYugoslavia
  3. 3.Clinic of NephrologyUniversity Clinical CenterBeogradYugoslavia

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