Foundations of Physics

, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 299–303 | Cite as

Unified fields of analytic space-time-energy

  • André Gleyzal


An “analytic gravitational field”Zαβ(Z y ) is shown to include electromagnetic phenomena. In an almost flat and almost static complex geometryds 2 =zαβdzαdzβ of four complex variables zγ=t, x, y, x the field equationsRαβ\(\frac{1}{2}\)Rzαβ= −κ(σUαUβ − υZαβ) imply the conventional equations of motion and the conventional electromagnetic field equations to first order if σ=σ(Zv) and ν=ν(zγ) are expressed in terms of the conventional mass density function\(\hat \sigma = \hat \sigma (x^\gamma )\), the conventional charge density function\(\hat \varepsilon = \hat \varepsilon (x^\gamma )\), and a pressurep as follows:\(\sigma = - 2v - 2iv\hat \varepsilon /\hat \sigma ,v = v + i(\frac{1}{4}\hat \varepsilon + v\hat \varepsilon /\hat \sigma ),\) v=const=p/c2≈−10−29 gm/cm3.


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  • André Gleyzal
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  1. 1.1965 Southeast Fifth CourtPompano Beach

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