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Phospholipid and fatty acid composition of Echinodermata. I. ClassOphiuroidea

  • B. M. Dembitskii


The phospholipid compositions of five species of marine ophiuroids belonging to the classOphiuroidea have been investigated. It has been shown that the phosphatidylethanolamines contain almost solely ether bonds in the first position of the glycerophospholipids. The amount of the plasmalogen form in the phosphatidylethanolamines averages 89.8% (82.3–96.2%) and the amount of the alkyl form 9.8% (3.8–17.7%). The compositions of the fatty acids, fatty aldehydes, and alkyl ethers in the two main classes of phospholipids — phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine — have been studied. The main acids found were eicosatetraenoic and eicosapentaenoic, the total amount of which was 53%. It has been shown that the ophiuroids can be used as promising objects for the investigation of the metabolism of alkoxylipids and for their preparative isolation.


Phosphatidylethanolamine Phospholipid Composition Ether Bond Alkyl Ether Fatty Aldehyde 


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