Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp 53–59 | Cite as

Mass spectra of guaianolides related to chlorohyssopifolin B

  • U. A. Abdullaev
  • Ya. V. Rashkes
  • I. D. Sham'yanov
  • G. P. Sidyakin


A discussion is given of the fragmentation processes of the guaianolide chloro-hyssopifolin B and of eight sesquiterpene lactones related to it with voluminous substituents at CB causing instability of the molecular ions. The compositions of the fragmentary ions have been determined and it has been shown that the cleavage of the bonds of ring A takes place only after the elimination of the voluminous substituent. Characteristic for compounds with an exocyclic epoxy group at C4 is the elimination by the molecular ion in each case of a methoxy radical with the participation of the hydrogen of the C3 hydroxyl.


Sesquiterpene Lactone Allyl Alcohol Diborane Oxirane Ring Trimethoxy 


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© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1983

Authors and Affiliations

  • U. A. Abdullaev
  • Ya. V. Rashkes
  • I. D. Sham'yanov
  • G. P. Sidyakin

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