Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Phosphatase activities of fractions of the venom of Renard's viperVipera ursini renardi

  • Sh. M. Khamudkhanova
  • D. N. Sakhibov


The separation of the venom of Renard's viper by filtration through Sephadex G-75 gel has been performed and phosphatase activities have been determined in the fractions and in the course of separation. The bulk of the activity of the phosphatases investigated was concentrated in the high-molecular-weight fractions I and II. A correlation has been found in the distribution of the DNase and ATP-pyrophosphatase activities with the phosphodiesterase activity in the venom fractions. There is no correlation in the distribution of the RNase and phosphodiesterase activity.


Phosphodiesterase Snake Venom Diphenylamine Glycerophosphate Phosphodiesterase Activity 


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  • Sh. M. Khamudkhanova
  • D. N. Sakhibov

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