Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 685–691 | Cite as

Cyclization and rearrangement of diterpenoids. III. Synthesis of isoagatholactone and methyl spongia-13(16),-14-dien-19-oate

  • P. F. Vlad
  • N. D. Ungur


The synthesis of isoagatholactone has been effected by the successive oxidation of (14R)-isoagath-12-en-15-ol with selenium dioxide and manganese dioxide. Methyl spongia-13(16),14-dien-19-oate has been obtained by the cyclization of methyl lambertianate with 100% sulfuric or fluorosulfonic acid.


Diol Petroleum Ether Nitromethane Manganese Dioxide Sodium Periodate 


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  • P. F. Vlad
  • N. D. Ungur

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