Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 653–657 | Cite as

Preparation and study of carboxymethylstarch

  • G. A. Fedorova
  • N. T. Bondarenko


It has been shown that when a mixture of starch with sodium hydroxide and monochloroacetic acid is irradiated, the carboxymethylstarch (CMS) obtained consists of fractions with high levels of carboxymethyl groups and fractions with a predominant content of carbonyl groups, and when this mixture is subjected to mechanical treatment a far-reaching rearrangement of the structure of the starch takes place with its homogeneous interaction with the reagents to form CMS.


Starch Raffinose Cotton Seed Cottonseed Meal Monochloroacetic Acid 


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  • G. A. Fedorova
  • N. T. Bondarenko

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