Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 447–449 | Cite as

8,13-Epoxylabd-14-en-19-oic acid — A component of the needles ofPinus sylvestris

  • I. I. Bardyshev
  • A. S. Degtyarenko
  • T. I. Pekhk


8,13-Epoxylabd-14-en-19-oic [(mannoyl oxide)-19-oic] acid, mp 64–66°C, [α]D −39.2° (c 1.0; ethanol) has been isolated from the needles ofPinus sylvestris. The following derivatives have been obtained: methyl 8,13-epoxylabd-14-en-19-oate, with mp 83–85°C, [α]D −43.2° (c 1.2; ethanol); 8,13-epoxylabd-14-en-19-ol, an oil, [α]D −10.9° (c 1.0; ethanol), n D 25 1.5025, cyclohexylammonium salt with mp 113–115°C, [α]D −29.3° (c 1.0; ethanol); and 8,13-epoxydihydrolabd-14-en-19-oic acid with mp 61–63°C, [α]D −23.1° (c 1.0; ethanol). The structures of the compounds were established by IR, mass, PMR, and13C NMR spectroscopy.


Diethyl Ether Oate Carbohydrate Chain Methoxycarbonyl Cyclohexylamine 


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  • I. I. Bardyshev
  • A. S. Degtyarenko
  • T. I. Pekhk

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