Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 400–407 | Cite as

Comparative characterization of the coumarin composition ofSeseli campestre growing in Moldavia and in the Caucasus

  • A. Z. Abyshev
  • I. P. Sidorova
  • D. Z. Abyshev
  • V. N. Florya
  • V. P. Zmeikov
  • Yu. B. Kerimov


The results are given of the identification of (−)-trans-khellactone and its 4′-methyl ether and (−)-3′(S), 4′(S)-trans-3′-senecioyloxy-4′-angeloyloxy-3′,4′-dihydroseselin and of the establishment of the structure of three new khellactone derivatives — campestrol (VII), C19H22O6, [α] D 20 + 32° (c 7.8; chloroform), campestrinol (X), C24H26O7, mp 116–118°C, and campestrinoside (I), C20H24O10, mp 172–173°C, [α]D −272.5° (c 4.7; ethanol). It has been shown on the basis of chemical and spectral characteristics that campesol, earlier described as a new substance, is a mixture of two isomeric compounds — 4′-hydroxy-3′-senecioyloxy-3′,4′-dihydroseselin and 3′-angeloyloxy-4′-hydroxy-3′,4′-dihydroseselin.


Coumarin Acetic Anhydride Alkaline Hydrolysis Methyl Ether Pyrone 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. Z. Abyshev
  • I. P. Sidorova
  • D. Z. Abyshev
  • V. N. Florya
  • V. P. Zmeikov
  • Yu. B. Kerimov

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