Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 18, Issue 6, pp 709–712 | Cite as

High-molecular-weight rRNAs of cotton seeds

  • Kh. R. Nuriddinov
  • M. R. Nuriddinova
  • P. N. Nuriddinov


The electrophoretic mobilities of the 25S and 18S rRNAs of cotton seeds in polyacrylamide gel have been studied. A pyrimidyl-RNase hydrolysate of the high-molecular-weight rRNAs was separated into isopleths containing up to decanucleotides. The mono-, di-, and trinucleotide isopleths were separated, respectively, into CP and Up; ApCp, GpCp, ApUp, and GpUp; ApApCp, GpApCp, ApGpCp, ApApUp, GpGpCp, ApGpUp + GpApUp, and GpGpUp on a KhZh 1305 microcolumn liquid chromatograph.


Electrophoretic Mobility Cotton Plant Cotton Seed Urea Solution CH3COONa 


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  • Kh. R. Nuriddinov
  • M. R. Nuriddinova
  • P. N. Nuriddinov

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