Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 18, Issue 6, pp 647–650 | Cite as

Structural changes in phosphatidylcholines during their chromatography on alumina

  • A. Sh. Isamukhamedov
  • S. T. Akramov


No structural changes take place in phosphatidylcholine on silica gel. On columns with the adsorbents neutral Al2O3 (according to Brockmann) and Al2O3* treated with ethyl acetate, at constant times of 4, 24, and 48 h a marked decrease in yield and, at the same time, a rise in the amount of deacylated phosphatidylcholine take place. The amounts of unsaturated fatty acids present in both the first and second positions of the phosphatidylcholines also decrease sharply. The amount of the main molecular species remains unchanged, but the molecular composition of the phosphatidylcholines increases on prolonged contact, a nonspecific migration of the acyl radicals in the phosphatidylcholine taking place.


Phosphatidylcholine Snake Venom Molecular Composition Prolonged Contact Position Distribution 


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  • A. Sh. Isamukhamedov
  • S. T. Akramov

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