Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Purification of nerve growth factor from the venom of the Central Asian cobraNaja oxiana

  • D. Kh. Khamidov
  • R. S. Salikhov
  • M. G. Khafizova
  • L. Ya. Yukel'son


A highly purified electrophoreticaly homogeneous protein with a NGF activity of 10·105 BU/mg of protein have been isolated from the venom of the Central Asian cobra by gel-filtration and ion-exchange chromatography followed by preparative isolectric focusing in a thin layer of Sephadex. It has been shown that the NGF isolated is characterized by a molecular weight in the range of 20–30 kD and a pI value of about 7.0.


Nerve Growth Factor Snake Venom Spinal Ganglion Ammonium Acetate Solution Cobra Venom 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • D. Kh. Khamidov
  • R. S. Salikhov
  • M. G. Khafizova
  • L. Ya. Yukel'son

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