Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Structure of a glucuronoxylan of the stems ofSymphytum asperum

  • N. A. Denisyuk
  • M. S. Dudkin


The results are given of an investigation of the structure of a glucuronoxylan of the stems ofSymphytum asperum Ler. The xylan was isolated by alkaline extraction and was purified by reprecipitation via the copper complex. The polysaccharide was homogeneous according to the results of gel filtration and electrophoresis. It was shown by hydrolysis, periodate oxidation, methylation, oxidation with chromium trioxide and IR and13C NMR spectroscopy that the macromolecules were based on a β-(1→4)-polyxyloside chain having side chains at the second carbon atoms in the form of 4-O-Me-D-glucuronic acid. To each side chain there were not less than 12 xylose residues.


Tartaric Acid Periodate Oxidation Chromium Trioxide Galacturonan Pectic Acid 


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  • N. A. Denisyuk
  • M. S. Dudkin

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