Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp 200–206 | Cite as

Mass spectra of 1,19-epoxycardenolides

  • N. I. Yakubov
  • Ya. V. Rashkes
  • N. Sh. Pol'yants


The mass spectra of six 18,19-epoxycardenolides (ECs) with various substituents in the 3β position — OH, OAc, rhamnosyloxy have been studied. In all the spectra the contribution of the fragments characteristic for cardenolides formed by the cleavage of the bonds of rings C and D were lowered. The strongest peaks were those of ions with m/z 259, 272, and 285 arising on the splitting out of the elements of rings A and B. It was established by the metastable defocusing (MD) method that in the case of the 3β-ols these fragments are formed from M+ and in the case of acetyl derivatives, in addition, they may arise from the (M — AcOH)+ ions. The spectra of the epoxycardenolides were compared with the structure of 3β,5β,14β,19-tetrahydroxycardenolide (strophanthidol) and its 3β-monoacetate and 3β,19-diacetate. The MD spectra and elementary compositions of the ions showed that other mass-spectrometric conditions strophanthidol monoacetate decomposes partially in the form of the 8,19-epoxycardenolide.


AcOH Nitramine Cardenolides Acetyl Derivative Epoxy Compound 


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  • N. I. Yakubov
  • Ya. V. Rashkes
  • N. Sh. Pol'yants

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