Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 738–739 | Cite as

A search for pesticides in the N,N′-di(carboxypropyl)-benzimidazolin-2-one series

  • A. T. Ayupova
  • S. S. Khalikov
  • L. V. Molchanov
  • Ch. Sh. Kadyrov


The reaction of benzimidazolin-2-ones with γ-butyrolactone has given N-mono- and N,N′-dicarboxypropylbenzimidazolin-2-ones. It has been shown that the yields and structures of the compounds synthesized depend on the nature of the substituent in the benzene nucleus of the benzimidazolin-2-ones.


Disodium Salt Imidazoline DMFA Purine Nucleoside Butyrolactone 

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  • A. T. Ayupova
  • S. S. Khalikov
  • L. V. Molchanov
  • Ch. Sh. Kadyrov

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