Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 716–720 | Cite as

Crystalline and molecular structures of the alkaloid delcosine

  • B. Tashkhodzhaev
  • B. T. Salimov


The molecular and crystalline structures of the diterpene alkaloid delcosine (iliensine) have been investigated by x-ray structural analysis. It has been confirmed that the OH group in ring A is located at C(1) and has the α orientation. The rings in the molecule have the following conformations: A, B, and D — boat; C and F — envelope; E — chain. The ring linkages are: A/B — trans; A/E — cis; B/C — cis; B/D — cis; B/F — cis. The conformations and linkages of the rings are identical with those observed in lycoctonine.


Boat Conformation Isoquinoline Alkaloid Main Plane Total Metabolite Anticholin 


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  • B. Tashkhodzhaev
  • B. T. Salimov

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