Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 675–678 | Cite as

Chromatographic separation of isoflavones

  • I. I. Ozimina
  • A. B. Bandyukov


The optimum ratios of the components of the solvent systems have been determined with the aid of the simplex-grid method of experimental planning and the separation of a number of isoflavones has been carried out with the aid of these systems in thin layers of silica gel (Silufol plates); in addition, the chromatographic constants of the functional groups have been determined, which makes it possible to obtain the ηRf values of compounds under investigation in an analysis of plant material by a mathematical method.


Genistein Isoflavones Optimum Ratio Xanthone Experimental Planning 


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  • I. I. Ozimina
  • A. B. Bandyukov

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