Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp 575–577 | Cite as

The esterase and peptidase activities of an elastolytic enzyme of Actinomyces rimosus

  • L. R. Radzhabov
  • V. A. Shibiev
  • Yu. A. Rassulin


1. It has been shown that the values of Km for the esterase activity of elastase ofActinomyces rimosus and for pancreatic elastase are of the same order of magnitude.

2. The elastase ofActinomyces rimosus, unlike the pancreatic enzyme, is capable of hydrolyzing only the methyl ester of N-acetyltrialanine, and not the mono and di derivatives.

3. It has been found that in the initial stage of the hydrolysis reaction it is mainly the ester bonds that are cleaved.


Methyl Ester Peptide Bond Esterase Activity Thionyl Chloride Remazol 


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  • L. R. Radzhabov
  • V. A. Shibiev
  • Yu. A. Rassulin

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