Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp 531–535 | Cite as

Coumarin composition of Seseli grandivittatum

  • A. Z. Abyshev
  • P. P. Denisenko
  • D. Z. Abyshev
  • Yu. B. Kerumov


From the roots ofSeseli grandivittatum, together with β-sitosterol and (−)-3′R-decursinol, found in nature for the first time, and its angelate, we have isolated two new compounds which we have called grandivittin and grandivittinol.

On the basis of IR, PMR, and mass spectra and chemical transformations, the structure of 3′-senecioyloxy-3′,4′-dihydro-3′R-xanthyletin is proposed for grandivittin, and 7-hydroxy-6-(3′-hydroxy-2′-senecioyloxyisopentyl) coumarin for grandivittinol.


Coumarin Acetic Anhydride Alkaline Hydrolysis Sodium Carbonate Solution Acetyl Derivative 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. Z. Abyshev
  • P. P. Denisenko
  • D. Z. Abyshev
  • Yu. B. Kerumov

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