Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp 259–264 | Cite as

Crystal and molecular structure of the diterpene alkaloid talatisine

  • Z. Karimov
  • M. G. Zhamierashvili


As a result of x-ray studies, the spatial structure and conformation of the talatisine molecule have been determined. The mean bond lengths are C-C 1.539(6) Å, N-C 1.493 (5) Å, HO-C(sp3) 1.429(5) Å. The six-membered rings A and B have the chair conformation, and rings C and D have distorted boat conformations. The five-membered rings E, F, and G have the envelope conformation.


Chair Conformation Valence Angle Nonhydrogen Atom Structural Amplitude Envelope Conformation 


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  • Z. Karimov
  • M. G. Zhamierashvili

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