Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp 254–257 | Cite as

Glycosylation of triterpenoids of the dammarane series. II. 12,25-di-O- and 3,12,25-tri-o-glucopyranosides of 20(S), 24 (R)-epoxydammarane-3α, 12β, 25-triol and its 3-epimer

  • L. N. Atopkina
  • N. I. Uvarova


On the glycosylation of 20(S), 24(R)-epoxydamarane-3α, 12β, 25-triol (I), its 3-o-acetyl derivative (II), and its 3-epimer with α-acetobromoglucose under the conditions of Helferich's modification and with glucose tert-butyl orthoacetate under the conditions of the orthoester method, di- and triglycosides, respectively, are obtained. The physicochemical constants and IR and PMR spectroscopic characteristics of the compounds obtained for the first time are given.


Glycoside Anomeric Proton Glucose Residue Triol Sodium Tetrahydroborate 


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  • L. N. Atopkina
  • N. I. Uvarova

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