Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp 249–253 | Cite as

Triterpenoids from the leaves of far eastern species of the shrubby birchesBetula ovalifolia andB. middendorfii

  • G. V. Malinovskaya
  • N. D. Pokhilo
  • V. V. Makhan'kov
  • V. L. Novikov
  • N. I. Uvarova


From the unsaponifiable fraction of an ethereal extract of the leaves ofBetula ovalifolia have been isolated the new triterpene 20(S),24(R)-epoxydammarane-3α,17α,25-triol (V) and the corresponding monoketone at C3 (VI). The leaves ofB. middendorfii have yielded the triterpene (IX) and (X), identified as, respectively, dammar-23-ene-3α,12β,20(S),25-tetraol and damman-25-ene-3α,12β,20-(S),24-tetraol, which have been obtained previously from the leaves ofBetula platyphylla Sukatchev var.japonica.


Betula Ethereal Extract Triol Unsaponifiable Fraction Tetraol 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • G. V. Malinovskaya
  • N. D. Pokhilo
  • V. V. Makhan'kov
  • V. L. Novikov
  • N. I. Uvarova

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