Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 8–11 | Cite as

Structure and configuration of new coumarins of the roots of Ferula mogoltavica

  • T. Kh. Khasanov
  • A. I. Saidkhodzhaev
  • G. K. Nikonov


From the roots ofFerula mogoltavica, two new terpenoid coumarins have been isolated — mogoltavidin and mogoltavicin — and also one known one — gummosin.

On the basis of a comparison of the spectra of mogoltavidin and those of known isomers it has been established that (IV) is the ether of umbelliferone and trans-3,8 dihydroxy-4,4,8,10-tetramethyldecalin-9-yl carbinol with the axial arrangement of the hydroxy groups.

Mogoltavicin is the natural acetyl derivative of mogoltavidin at the secondary hydroxy group.


Coumarin Hydroxy Group Methine Proton Umbelliferone Carbinol 


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  • T. Kh. Khasanov
  • A. I. Saidkhodzhaev
  • G. K. Nikonov

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